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Cassandra Salas


Secretary/Event Coordinator


Hi, I’m Cassandra Salas!

It is a great pleasure to address our viewers of L.I.G.H.T. The world could always use some good feelings to share. I hope that we can provide that for you. Pranic Healing came to me at a time that was necessary for my husband. I took it and never looked back. I’ve always understood the energy fields around us. With Reiki and Tapping, there was some relief, however, Pranic Healing has always been my go-to practice. I have a degree from NMSU in Community Health Education, I’m a certified Deep Meditation facilitator, and a ULC Minister.


I like to keep busy. I’ve had the immense pleasure to work with many different cultures, personalities, races, religions, and age groups. My most recent treasure was with the military. It was an eye-opening experience into the psychological health that is essential to every soul. Keeping myself busy has created many hobbies for myself such as crocheting, woodworking, pen turning, gardening, puppy training, ministry, healings, meditations and grandmother-in-training.


I look forward to the moments I can spend with the community by sharing ideas, spreading love and laughter, healings and meditation. Co-founding LIGHT with my friends was just the cherry on top of our driven nature to spread kindness.

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