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Erika Meza




My name is Erika, a pranic healer who is on a healing journey driven with the vision to help others and be of service. I was born in Juarez, Mexico, at age 4 my family immigrated to the United States and moved to a small town in New Mexico called Anthony, just along I-10. I come from a family of five including three siblings, one brother and two sisters.


Unfortunately, my father passed away at the age of 46 but from going thru this emotional experience has lead me to my healing path. After graduating from Gadsden High School I went on to pursue a bachelors degree in Biology at Sterling College in Kansas. After coming home from Kansas, I went to nursing school at NMSU and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2010. I worked as a critical nurse for 8 years before going back to school and I recently graduated from UTEP with a Master’s degree in acute care nurse practitioner.


Currently, I work for El Paso Pulmonary Association as a Pulmonary and Critical Care Nurse Practitioner. Healing and helping others have always been my passion. I was introduced to Pranic healing 3 years ago and have been practicing ever since. I have also advanced as a healer -- taking more than 9 courses with the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui. In addition to being a Pranic healer and a nurse practitioner I also have my own business in network marketing called the Blue Pearl Alliance.

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