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Sofía Jácquez


Education Coordinator


Namaste! My name is Sofía Jácquez and I am a native of our beautiful city El Paso.


I have lived here my whole life and love being a part of this vast sociocultural wonder that is our community. I am a product of the life we share with our sister city Juarez and it has been a privilege to grow up here. I am the Educational Coordinator for LIGHT.  I attended UTEP where I double majored in French and Linguistics. Professionally I am a French Facilitator at an all-girl school where I love empowering coming generations of women. However, my most profound educational experiences have been that of motherhood. My four children have each taught me so much and in so many different aspects of life and love; they are my favorite part of life.  


Pranic Healing was introduced to me by a dear friend who happens to be an Internal Medicine physician. She took the Pranic Healing Level class and insisted I would love it. She was right, my first class blew me away by its holistic beauty. It has this diverse, scientific, and spiritual methodology of energetic cleansing. It encompasses truths that speak to our shared existence with others, with our planet and our universe. It has saved me and given me a better understanding of who I truly am and how and where I need to change to evolve and grow and be a better human being.


I am an advocate of community service and strive to foster love and healing. I am grateful for being a part of LIGHT as it allows me to participate and help our community.  Welcome to our beautiful LIGHT Community!  

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